6 Weeks Of Community – Life Group Study Guide

6 weeks of communityWe are so glad that you have decided to join us in 6 Weeks of Community because we are better together.  This 6 weeks of community is a life group study to build a community of Love in our Church Community, our Life Group Community and in the Community around us.

All you need is to get a couple of your friends together to join with you for 6 weeks, watch the video’s together and follow the discussion guides. You will grow in Community with others, the church and grow in God as you grow the Kingdome of God.

Click Here for Week ONE’s Discussion Video.

Click Here for Week TWO’s Discussion Video 

Click Here for Week THREE’s Discussion Video

Click Here for Week FOUR’s Discussion Video

Click Here for Week FIVE’s Discussion Video

Click Here for Week SIX Discussion Video


Work Sheet 1-6 (Answer Key)

Click Here for the Discussion Guide 1-3 (Work Sheets)

Work Sheet (Session 4)

Work Sheet (Session 5)

Work Sheet (Session 6)